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Feel like I need to cry - but not sad or angry. 4 Replies

Started by Tami Parks. Last reply by Jan Vandermeer 11 hours ago.

Home tests? 10 Replies

Started by BellaDonna. Last reply by N. 11 hours ago.

Hot flashes are killing me 20 Replies

Started by Jane Kimball. Last reply by N. 22 hours ago.

Peri-menopause symptoms already???? 6 Replies

Started by Karolyn Castro. Last reply by angel yesterday.

At what age you started perimenopause ? 8 Replies

Started by Karolyn Castro. Last reply by Denise on Friday.

Bioidentical Hormones 12 Replies

Started by Joy. Last reply by KimT on Tuesday.

Does anyone get an aura or feeling right before a hot flash? 4 Replies

Started by Jane Kimball. Last reply by Sabine Strohem on Tuesday.

Can't Think of One 7 Replies

Started by col menoshrew. Last reply by Vanessa Scola on Monday.

Anyone tried Gabapentin for hot flashes? 3 Replies

Started by Jane Kimball. Last reply by Jane Kimball Jun 9.

Menopause Symptoms: What's Your Story? 2711 Replies

Started by Holly. Last reply by Robyn Jun 6.

Dizzy spells and feeling off balance 22 Replies

Started by Elissa. Last reply by Elissa Jun 3.

Burning feeling in legs, feet driving me nuts! 20 Replies

Started by Ultie. Last reply by jackie f Jun 3.

Sinus virus lingering 2 Replies

Started by Vanessa Scola. Last reply by Maggie Jun 3.

Hot AND cold flashes? 6 Replies

Started by Jane Kimball. Last reply by Maggie Jun 3.

My little inner sparkle needs help 1 Reply

Started by Joanie. Last reply by Tessa Jun 1.

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