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Menopause Symptoms: What's Your Story? 2644 Replies

Started by Holly. Last reply by Dottie Williams 1 hour ago.

Bloating and constipation 3 Replies

Started by Jenny. Last reply by Barb*w* 3 hours ago.

Blurry vision and dizzy 2 Replies

Started by Ellen. Last reply by Barb*w* 4 hours ago.

When did you really start thinking or talking about menopause? 1 Reply

Started by KayKay. Last reply by Barb*w* 4 hours ago.

Hot flashes every hour...any suggested meds? 3 Replies

Started by June S B. Last reply by Barb*w* 4 hours ago.

surge of anxiety prior to hot flash....? 10 Replies

Started by Barb McCartney. Last reply by Ann 8 hours ago.

Hormone pellets

Started by Ann yesterday.

Out-of-body feeling during menopause?? 17 Replies

Started by LJones. Last reply by Jan Vandermeer on Sunday.

Botox for Bladder 2 Replies

Started by Kelly Manchester. Last reply by Kelly Manchester on Friday.

Deja vu horrible feelings 22 Replies

Started by Jaq Greer. Last reply by Susan Hurst on Thursday.

Wheat intolerance, help needed please!!! 8 Replies

Started by Julie B. Last reply by Julie B on Thursday.

sleep and anxiety 12 Replies

Started by Nancy Edwards. Last reply by SueZq Aug 15.

A year after last period got suddenly strange symptoms... 6 Replies

Started by karin. Last reply by Linda Aug 14.

Menopause, amxiety, HRT 2 Replies

Started by Ann. Last reply by Ann Aug 12.

Lost zest for life. 7 Replies

Started by Jen Lynn. Last reply by Barb*w* Aug 10.

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