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Alcohol and menopause 9 Replies

Started by Ann. Last reply by KimT 5 hours ago.

Heavy fysical and mental symptoms last 10 days 11 Replies

Started by karin. Last reply by Lisa 8 hours ago.

Kidney function slightly elevated 3 Replies

Started by Lisa. Last reply by Lisa 18 hours ago.

Bio-identical HRT? 20 Replies

Started by Emma Johnson. Last reply by Janet on Friday.

Natural Supplements that help with peremenopause symptoms? 15 Replies

Started by Tee S.. Last reply by Toid on Friday.

Low Labido 6 Replies

Started by Maggie. Last reply by Maggie on Thursday.

Breast are huge! 28 Replies

Started by angie. Last reply by Maggie Sep 17.

I wake up feeling pretty awful 3 Replies

Started by Julie Howard. Last reply by Ann Sep 14.

sleep and anxiety 16 Replies

Started by Nancy Edwards. Last reply by stacie b Sep 14.

Visions of horrible things during anxiety 7 Replies

Started by Janet. Last reply by Sandy L. Sep 13.

Hands and feet hot, sweaty in mornings 4 Replies

Started by angie. Last reply by Bess Susan Maddox Sep 12.

Diagnosed with full-blown menopause at 43 10 Replies

Started by G. Last reply by KayKay Sep 12.

Has anyone lost weight during this transition? 7 Replies

Started by Julie Howard. Last reply by Julie Howard Sep 10.

Blurry vision and dizzy 13 Replies

Started by Ellen. Last reply by Sabine Strohem Sep 9.

hair thinning!.. any advice? 21 Replies

Started by kscarter. Last reply by LORI Sep 8.

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