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Do any of you ladies suffer with all these symptoms daily?

Started by sharon bolus 5 minutes ago.

Menopause Symptoms: What's Your Story? 1966 Replies

Started by Holly. Last reply by BVear 5 hours ago.

New to forum: handling anger and depression 10 Replies

Started by Jenna. Last reply by Phelan O'Donnell 6 hours ago.

Supplements 13 Replies

Started by CINDY ELLEDGE. Last reply by Maureen 7 hours ago.

How long has everyone been on this JOURNEY of our lives? 17 Replies

Started by Renae L. Brown. Last reply by TJ 18 hours ago.

heart skipping beats 12 Replies

Started by liz. Last reply by liz yesterday.

Meds 30 Replies

Started by Lisa Campbell. Last reply by Melody yesterday.

how have your periods been? 6 Replies

Started by Kathy Schreier. Last reply by Maria yesterday.

do you also have muscle pains and.. 24 Replies

Started by Diana1008. Last reply by Lisa B on Friday.

"Wooshing" in ears??? 17 Replies

Started by Maria Patricia. Last reply by Katie Leiux on Thursday.

how many of the 66 symptoms of menopause do you have? 130 Replies

Started by Barb*w*. Last reply by Barb*w* on Wednesday.

Metallic Taste 12 Replies

Started by sonia ayala. Last reply by Katie Leiux on Wednesday.

Natural supplements? 3 Replies

Started by Fran barca. Last reply by Jodi 2 on Wednesday.

Digestive issues? Is it part of it? 12 Replies

Started by Maureen. Last reply by Noelle Gillies on Tuesday.

winded in the rib cage 3 Replies

Started by Janet. Last reply by Christine on Tuesday.

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How to Manage Anxiety in Perimenopause without Medication

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But what about anxiety? You might be surprised at the number of women who mention…


Posted by Anna Garrett on July 30, 2015 at 10:13am

Menopause Infographic - Bitchface

Insomnia One minute you’re screaming at a colleague to get that project done now! The next you’re in tears over a cat food commercial. WTF is going on? Women often hear the word “emotional” used interchangeably with “hormonal,” and it’s not usually a compliment. But there are legitimate reasons why your emotions are in upheaval during the process of…


Posted by Ellen Dolgen on July 27, 2015 at 9:18am

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