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Hot Flashes and Doctor’s Visit Anxiety 4 Replies

Started by Kaye. Last reply by Barb*w* 22 hours ago.

Lots of questions 4 Replies

Started by Lynne Morgan. Last reply by Barb*w* 22 hours ago.

What has happened to my hair. 2 Replies

Started by Caroline. Last reply by Barb*w* 23 hours ago.

Gynecologist or Googleologist 5 Replies

Started by Betta Lim. Last reply by BVear 23 hours ago.

Anyone else suffer with muscle soreness and weakness? 7 Replies

Started by Susane. Last reply by BVear 23 hours ago.

What is the one symptom that makes you the most crazy? 75 Replies

Started by Ellen. Last reply by Susane yesterday.

Any other under 40's out there with me? 7 Replies

Started by Nicole. Last reply by natalie yesterday.

Helpful Quotes 345 Replies

Started by girldown. Last reply by natalie yesterday.

Heart palpitations 25 Replies

Started by Kim b. Last reply by AnneFitz on Thursday.

Apple Cider Vinegar? Has anyone tried this? 10 Replies

Started by Johanna Bustamento. Last reply by Johanna Bustamento on Monday.

Can your fsh levels be "normal" and still be experiencing peri menopause? 7 Replies

Started by Heather Christina. Last reply by Barb*w* on Monday.

About HRT 6 Replies

Started by Linda. Last reply by Debbie on Monday.

Vagina issues 3 Replies

Started by Kim Halley. Last reply by Maria Forbes on Monday.

Any suggestions for adrenaline rushes, anxiety and insomnia 9 Replies

Started by Ginny Mari. Last reply by Maria Forbes on Sunday.

Buspar 1 Reply

Started by KimT. Last reply by Barb*w* Nov 12.

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