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"I don't care" attitude 3 Replies

Started by Jane Kimball. Last reply by Laura 13 minutes ago.

Has anyone taken Cymbalta before how did it work out for you? 1 Reply

Started by Julie Howard. Last reply by Laura 21 minutes ago.

Success stories of anti-depressants for Anxiety please 39 Replies

Started by Barbie5440. Last reply by Laura 27 minutes ago.

Does anyone else have half their days plagued with meno symptoms? 24 Replies

Started by Sue. Last reply by Laura 32 minutes ago.

Anyone who's IBS is off the charts since perimenopause?

Started by Jane Kimball 52 minutes ago.

It's official I'm manky!!! / and another great visit to the doctor!!! 6 Replies

Started by Julie B. Last reply by Julie B 3 hours ago.

*Sigh* Just got a period after nine months 5 Replies

Started by Julie. Last reply by Julie 5 hours ago.

Extreme fatigue 8 Replies

Started by Debby. Last reply by Soul 7 hours ago.

Question 3 Replies

Started by Vicki. Last reply by Vicki 22 hours ago.

My sense of smell is hugely diminished. 6 Replies

Started by LisaK. Last reply by LisaK 23 hours ago.

Menopause Symptoms: What's Your Story? 2540 Replies

Started by Holly. Last reply by Julie B yesterday.

Helpful Quotes 324 Replies

Started by girldown. Last reply by Barb*w* yesterday.

Mucus at back of throat related to Hormones or low estrogen - ? 29 Replies

Started by Maria Patricia. Last reply by Lenore yesterday.

Doctors reply from Dear Meno! 19 Replies

Started by Julie B. Last reply by Julie B yesterday.

Does anybody feel bad when they first wake up in the morning 13 Replies

Started by Julie Howard. Last reply by Julie Howard yesterday.



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