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Sue replied to Sue's discussion 'Newbie'
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Newbie 6 Replies

Started by Sue. Last reply by Wendy lee 18 minutes ago.

Anxiety and obsession with death 9 Replies

Started by Ellen P. Last reply by Sue 2 hours ago.

Magnesium Supplements for heart palps 4 Replies

Started by lindsay. Last reply by Meg 5 hours ago.

Menopause Symptoms: What's Your Story? 1631 Replies

Started by Holly. Last reply by Gail V. 9 hours ago.

anxiety 192 Replies

Started by Thandi Mnyani. Last reply by Laura 9 hours ago.

Feeling Worn Out........ 1 Reply

Started by Gail. Last reply by Barb 12 hours ago.

Do you ever get vibrating feelings? 12 Replies

Started by V8Momma. Last reply by Gail 12 hours ago.

Does it Ever End? 17 Replies

Started by Gail. Last reply by Barb 12 hours ago.

Do you think hormone imbalance causes anxiety or anxiety causes the hormone imbalance? 21 Replies

Started by kim brandon. Last reply by kim brandon 13 hours ago.

combi patch n extreme breast pain? 1 Reply

Started by Teri. Last reply by sharon bolus 14 hours ago.

Health Issues Anxiety 73 Replies

Started by veggieluver. Last reply by sharon bolus 14 hours ago.

Hi my name is Barb and yes my hormones are wacky!! 6 Replies

Started by Barb Nault. Last reply by sharon bolus 15 hours ago.

Test for vaginal atrophy??? 4 Replies

Started by Connie C. Last reply by Lisa McBrien 15 hours ago.

Check Out Our Campaign: Let's Start a New Conversation About Menopause 16 Replies

Started by Holly. Last reply by Christine F 19 hours ago.

Heart palpitations 18 Replies

Started by Janet. Last reply by Sue yesterday.

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Why Renee Zellweger gets it (and why she’d be my ideal client)

Let me start this post by saying I don’t care two hoots about whether Renee Zellweger got plastic surgery or not. If she did, she’s one of a gazillion women who’ve gone down that road.

And I’ll be the first to admit I’ve stood in front of the bathroom mirror and wondered when…


Posted by Anna Garrett on October 30, 2014 at 5:59pm

Anxious thoughts during my period??

Does anyone else have anxious thoughts during their period? As soon as
I see the bright red blood I feel scared. I've had several very heavy periods and now every month it scares me. I've been to the dr who assured me it's normal. I feel at times like I will bleed to death and sometimes think can I really? Visiting this site is always a comfort!!!

Posted by Jodi on October 29, 2014 at 8:59pm

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