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My Hair! 5 Replies

Started by Gail. Last reply by Julie B 36 minutes ago.

New with lots of questions. 5 Replies

Started by Vicki. Last reply by KLM 1 hour ago.

Anxiety is ruining my life 17 Replies

Started by Betty Rubanga. Last reply by Lisa Barrett 3 hours ago.

New here - does anyone else have anxiety/palpitations/panic attacks/lightheadedness? 13 Replies

Started by Sarah Cook. Last reply by Lisa Barrett 4 hours ago.

hormonal insomnia 4 Replies

Started by mamahoops. Last reply by mamahoops 6 hours ago.

Soooo sick and tired of feeling like crap every single day... 43 Replies

Started by angie. Last reply by Ellie 6 hours ago.

Eyes Issues 14 Replies

Started by Maria Forbes. Last reply by Angela Boker 10 hours ago.

Sudden symtoms, dizziness, hot flashes, heart palpitations 54 Replies

Started by Laura W. Last reply by Sarah Cook 11 hours ago.

Helpful Quotes 288 Replies

Started by girldown. Last reply by BVear 13 hours ago.

OMG - A Solution at Last! 85 Replies

Started by Janemarie. Last reply by Lenore 14 hours ago.

Spouses and menopause 20 Replies

Started by Debra quigley. Last reply by Vanessa Scola 14 hours ago.

Any here diagnosed with thyroid issues with meno or peri? 2 Replies

Started by KLM. Last reply by Vanessa Scola 15 hours ago.

Feeling very jealous and insecure 3 Replies

Started by jo freeman. Last reply by Jackie S. 15 hours ago.

Does Anyone Here Be Up Late at Night? 2 Replies

Started by Josie B. Last reply by Sandy L. yesterday.

Resting heart rate 9 Replies

Started by KLM. Last reply by KLM yesterday.



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