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Bio identical hormones and weight gain 9 Replies

Started by Kim Halley. Last reply by Mary 4 hours ago.

Marriage and menopause...Where has the love gone? 8 Replies

Started by Patricia Wright. Last reply by Patricia Wright 5 hours ago.

Are you also very nervous? 109 Replies

Started by Diana1008. Last reply by ElizabethH 9 hours ago.

Health Issues Anxiety 64 Replies

Started by veggieluver. Last reply by ElizabethH 9 hours ago.

Does this anxiety ever go away? 24 Replies

Started by Freddie. Last reply by ElizabethH 9 hours ago.

Good Read, we have all been here 6 Replies

Started by Christine F. Last reply by Vicki 9 hours ago.

Interesting article on Lemon Balm for Anxiety & Depression 1 Reply

Started by Christine F. Last reply by Barb 10 hours ago.

Going down the peri-menopause road 11 Replies

Started by Emma. Last reply by Bonnie L Delar 23 hours ago.

Burning sensation in armpits? 11 Replies

Started by Claudia McKinney. Last reply by Claudia McKinney yesterday.

weakness and frequent changes in symptoms 10 Replies

Started by Donna J. Last reply by ElizabethH yesterday.

Hot Flashes and Hysterectomy "ovaries intact" 4 Replies

Started by Bron. Last reply by ElizabethH yesterday.

Sore chest muscles 6 Replies

Started by Janet. Last reply by sharon bolus yesterday.

Oh come on its hot! 6 Replies

Started by Emma. Last reply by Christine F on Sunday.

symptoms of menopause 5 Replies

Started by kiran. Last reply by PAM on Friday.

I feel like I am going crazy ! 2 Replies

Started by Kenzie. Last reply by Christine F on Thursday.

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What to know about low testosterone? Menopause can be such a challenge. There’s the whole…


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